Sound Signals Cockpit Card


This Sound Signals Cockpit Card gives you a reference guide to Sound Signals used at Sea by Vessels in Sight of one another or by vessels in restricted visibility.

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Sound Signals – Cockpit Card

Many of you will remember that One Short Blast means that I am altering my course to Starboard, but how many would remember the signals used by vessels in a narrow channel or vessels at anchor?

Side One – Vessels in sight of one another.

Power-driven vessels – Manoeuvring and Warning Signals. (These are the most commonly heard signals).
Power-driven vessels in a narrow channel.  These are the ones that people have the most trouble remembering.  They are mostly made by large commercial vessels and they are communicating their intentions – worth knowing as it may affect you even if the you not the target of their signal!

Side Two – Fog Signals (Day or Night).

Power Driven Vessel Underway. Power Driven Vessel Stopped. Not Under Command. Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre, Vessel Constrained by Draught, Sailing Vessel, Vessel Engaged in Fishing, Vessel Towing or Pushing. Vessel at Anchor. Vessel Aground.

Some sound signals are heard frequently in busy harbours.  This card will help with any you may be a little rusty on.

This handy Cockpit Card forms part of the Complete Set of Cockpit Cards.

Fully waterproof. Printed using light-fast ink and encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic for cockpit use and abuse.

Great for Cockpit use.
Ideal for training and instructional purposes.
Handy reference for anyone on-board.

ISBN 978-1-906594-02-2

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