Cockpit Cards Complete Set


The Complete Set of Cockpit Cards at a saving of over 10%.

Consisting of all of the currently available Cockpit Cards. Fully waterproof and tough. They were ‘Recommended for all Cruising Boats’ by Sailing Today Magazine.

Product Information

Cockpit Cards Complete Set – All of the currently available Cockpit Cards at a saving of over 10%!

Consisting of:

Navigation Lights and Shapes. (Set of 4).
Chart Symbols & Abbreviations. (Set of 4).
Rule of the Road.
Buoyage. IALA Region A -Europe and the Mediterranean (side one)  Distress Signals (side two).
Mayday VHF DSC Emergency Procedure.  Have this next to your VHF set.
International Code Flags. Numeral Pendants. Substitute Flags. Morse. Phonetic alphabet.
Essential Knots. (Set of 2). These are the knots all good crew members should get to know.
Sound Signals.  Fog Signals (day or night) and Sound Signals for vessels in sight of one another.

This Cockpit Cards Complete Set is packed with information. The Navigation Lights and Shapes set alone has over 100 illustrations.

Ideal for anyone working towards the RYA Competent Crew,  RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal Skipper or RYA Yachtmaster. Perfect for any yacht owners or crew.

This set will help you with your COLREGS (collision regulations), your IALA Buoyage systems, your emergency Mayday procedure and much more.

Ideal for passing around the cockpit while learning the Rules of the Road, testing each other on the Lights and Shapes or even practicing knots!

Fully waterproof. High quality lithographic printing using ‘light fast ink’ and enclosed within a heavy duty encapsulation. This popular set provides essential quick reference navigational data. Ideal for use on- board in the harshest of conditions.

For a more detailed description of each item contained within the Cockpit Cards Complete Set have a look at each individual product.

Ideal for all those working towards their RYA qualifications.  In use by yachtsmen, divers, fishermen, port police, sailing schools and mariners around the world.

The yachting magazine Sailing Today published a favourable review of Cockpit Cards and ended with the comment ‘Recommended for all Cruising Boats’.

This is a detailed description of each of the Cockpit Cards

Navigation Lights and Shapes Cockpit Card set.

This ever popular set depicts Navigation Lights as displayed by vessels at night. Shown as seen from Ahead, Astern, Port and Starboard. The forth card is dedicated to Day Shapes.

Showing the following:-

  • Sailing Vessels
  • Power Driven Vessels
  • Trawlers and Fishing Boats
  • Pilot Boat
  • Tugs and Tows
  • Vessel Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre
  • Vessel Engaged in Underwater Operations
  • Vessels at Anchor
  • Aground
  • Mine Countermeasures
  • Not Under Command
  • Hovercraft
  • Day Shapes

This Navigation Lights and Shapes set consists of four double sided A5 cockpit cards of crisp and clear images. These Cockpit Cards are printed using light-fast ink and are fully encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic for years of cockpit use and abuse. Conveniently grouped together in one corner so that any sheet may be removed for individual use if required.


Chart Symbols and Abbreviations Cockpit Card Set.

This is your essential guide to the Chart Symbols and Abbreviations as used on British Admiralty Metric Charts in a handy, compact and user friendly format.

  • Dangers – Rocks & Wrecks.
  • Buoyage. Region A.  Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Beacons.
  • Submarine Cables and Pipelines.
  • Bridges, Obstructions.
  • Depths, Limits, Contours, Soundings.
  • Terms Relating to Tidal Levels.
  • Tidal Streams and Currents.
  • Tide Levels and Charted Data.
  • Lights, Light Characteristics, Leading Lights, Sector Lights.
  • Nature of Seabed, etc.

This set will be invaluable to all who use Admiralty charts.  The heavyweight waterproof encapsulation means they can safely be used on RIBS and other wet craft.

The set consists of four double sided A5 cards of crisp and clear images. Printed using light-fast ink and encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic for cockpit use and abuse. They are conveniently grouped together in one corner so that any sheet may be removed for individual use if required.

The Essential Knots is two card set.

Cockpit Cards – Essential Knots

The essential sailing knots shown in this colourful and very clear Cockpit Card set are all that most yachtsmen will ever require. Most skippers would be delighted if their crew were all able to tie these knots.

Ideal for passing around the cockpit with a length of rope for a bit of practice while on passage or while having a glass of wine in the cockpit after a hard sail.

The crisp clear images show clearly how to tie these timeless classic Essential Sailing Knots.

  • Figure of Eight
  • Reef Knot
  • Clove Hitch
  • Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
  • Bowline
  • Sheet Bend
  • Double Sheet Bend
  • Rolling Hitch
  • Cleating

The set comprises of two double-sided cards, encapsulated and held together in one corner.
As with the rest of this series the ink used is light-fast and so should not fade in sunlight.  They are also heavily encapsulated to the same high standards as the rest of the series so will stand up to the harshest of treatment.

Practice breeds familiarity and it will not be long before your are confidently tying these essential knots.

Not only useful to mariners, these practical knots are also invaluable for divers, scouts and for anyone with an interest in outdoor pursuits or bush-craft.


Rule of the Road at Sea

Essential knowledge for safe navigation.

Side One – Sailing Vessels

Definition of Port or Starboard Tacks.

Different Tacks – who gives way or stands on.

Same Tack – Windward/Leeward vessels.

Overtaking vessel.

Side Two.

Power vessels meeting Sailing Vessels.

Power driven vessels crossing and Power Driven Vessels Head-On.

Vessels Overtaking.

Part of the Cockpit Cards Complete Set.


International Code Flags and Numeral Pendants.

Side One shows the International Code Flags with the Letter and Morse Code. It also shows the Numeral Pendants and the three Substitutes.

Side Two shows the Single Letter Meanings and the Phonetic Alphabet.

Some Code Flags are commonly seen such as Flag  A. – I have a Diver Down; Keep well clear at low speed.  Or Flag H. -I have a Pilot on Board.  Others a rarely seen but good to know such as Flag O. -Man-Overboard.

The Phonetic Alphabet you will hear on the VHF and may also have occasion to use.

The Morse Code, you may already know a few:  such as S O S, or E ‘I am altering my course to Starboard’.

Very few people remember all of them so why not have this useful waterproof guide to hand.

Cockpit Cards are a series of quick reference nautical cards designed to withstand the harsh environment of life afloat or the terrors of an RYA night school class. The crisp clear images are printed to a very high standard using ‘light-fast ink’. They are fully encapsulated rather than laminated using a heavy duty plastic and will provide years of sailing use and abuse. A5.


Sound Signals – Cockpit Card

Many of you will remember that One Short Blast means that I am altering my course to Starboard, but how many would remember the signals used by vessels in a narrow channel or vessels at anchor?

Side One – Vessels in sight of one another.

Power-driven vessels – Manoeuvring and Warning Signals. (These are the most commonly heard signals).
Power-driven vessels in a narrow channel.  These are the ones that people have the most trouble remembering.  They are mostly made by large commercial vessels and they are communicating their intentions – worth knowing as it may affect you even if the you not the target of their signal!

Side Two – Fog Signals (Day or Night).

Power Driven Vessel Underway. Power Driven Vessel Stopped. Not Under Command. Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre, Vessel Constrained by Draught, Sailing Vessel, Vessel Engaged in Fishing, Vessel Towing or Pushing. Vessel at Anchor. Vessel Aground.

Some sound signals are heard frequently in busy harbours.  This card will help with any you may be a little rusty on.

Part of the Cockpit Cards Complete Set.



IALA Region A:-  Europe and the Mediterranean

  • Cardinal Marks
  • Lateral Marks
  • Isolated Danger Marks
  • Safe Water Marks
  • Special Marks
  • Preferred Channel Marks
  • Emergency Wreck Marks
  • Light sequences
  • The images show the shapes of the buoys, shape of the topmarks,  the colours and the light characteristics.


This side shows the Distress Signals likely to be be of most relevance to small craft.  Handy if you see any of these signals as you would realise someone is in need of assistance, and handy if you are in trouble and need to signal distress.

  • Fog Horn. Continuous sounding.
  • SOS. By any any method; Sound, Light etc.
  • Flags N over C.
  • Flares
  • Outstretched Arms – Slowly and repeatedly raised and lowered.
  • Square Flag above or below Round Ball
  • EPIRB. Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.
  • Mayday Emergency Procedure

Printed using light-fast ink and encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic for cockpit use and abuse.

This ever popular IALA Buoyage Cockpit Card is great for cockpit use. So it makes sense to keep another one in the Grab Bag.
Ideal for training and instructional purposes.
Handy reference for anyone on-board.

Part of the Cockpit Cards Complete Set.


Encapsulated Mayday Emergency Procedure Card – part of the Cockpit Card series.

It is designed to be displayed near your DSC VHF Radio. This essential reference card has blank spaces where you can write your Boat Name, MMSI number and Call Sign using a permanent marker pen.

The first part leads the user through the DSC Alert and the second part shows the spoken Mayday procedure.

A Mayday call must only ever be used in the case of grave and imminent danger to a vessel or persons.  This would be emergencies such as a Fire, Sinking, Man Overboard etc.

This waterproof  Emergency Procedure Card really is a vital bit of kit.  When things go badly wrong on a boat, they can go very wrong, very quickly. A crew member fumbling for the radio will  be in a bit of a panic and it is hard enough to remember your own name, let alone a routine that is unfamiliar.

This Mayday Procedure Card provides a logical routine to follow.  It helps to ensure that your Mayday Call to be sent in a calm and measured fashion.

As with the rest of the Cockpit Card series this is printed using light-fast ink. It is then encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic for years of cockpit use and abuse. This card is next to the DSC VHF radio on thousands of vessels.

Part of the Cockpit Cards Complete Set.

Those who are interested in this Cockpit Card Complete Set are also likely to be interested in the Secondary Port Calculation Sheet.

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