Rule of the Road Cockpit Card


Essential Cockpit Card guide to the Rule of the Road at Sea. Presented in the clear and concise Cockpit Card style.

Product Information

Rule of the Road at Sea – Collision Regulations – COLREGS

Consisting of an A5 card printed on both side, heavily encapsulated in the usual Cockpit Card rugged style.

Essential knowledge for safe navigation.

Side One – Sailing Vessels

Definition of Port or Starboard Tacks.

Different Tacks – who gives way or stands on.

Same Tack – Windward/Leeward vessels.

Overtaking vessel.

Side Two.

Power vessels meeting Sailing Vessels.

Power driven vessels crossing.

Power Driven Vessels Head-On.

Vessels Overtaking.





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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 0.1 × 16 × 23.6 cm

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