Sun Meridian Passage Sight Form


Sun Meridian Passage (noon sight) encapsulated Sight Reduction Form.

The simple sight reduction process gives you a Line of Latitude.

Product Information

Sun Meridian Passage Sight Form

In Celestial Navigation (also known as Astro Navigation) taking a Noon Sight – also called a Meridian Passage –  will give you a position line that is a line of latitude.

Often used as part of the Sun, Run, Sun where a position line from a morning is run on to the noon sight which can then be run on to an afternoon sight.

The sight reduction process is quick and easy.

Matt Encapsulated A4 Sight form. One side has a completed example with notes explaining where the information is obtained and how it is used.

Designed for use with the Nautical Almanac.
Can be written on with 2B pencil.

This can be purchased as part of the Complete Set of Sight Reduction Forms.

NB. Colour of card may differ from image.

Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 0.3 cm

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