International Code Flags Cockpit Card


Your quick reference guide to the International Code Flags, and their single letter meanings, Morse Code, and the Phonetic Alphabet.

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International Code Flags and Numeral Pendants.

Side One shows the International Code Flags with the Letter and Morse Code. It also shows the Numeral Pendants and the three Substitutes.

Side Two shows the Single Letter Meanings and the Phonetic Alphabet.

Some Code Flags are commonly seen such as Flag  A. – I have a Diver Down; Keep well clear at low speed.  Or Flag H. -I have a Pilot on Board.  Others a rarely seen but good to know such as Flag O. -Man-Overboard.

The Phonetic Alphabet you will hear on the VHF and may also have occasion to use.

The Morse Code, you may already know a few:  such as S O S, or E ‘I am altering my course to Starboard’.

Very few people remember all of them so why not have this useful waterproof guide to hand.

Cockpit Cards are a series of quick reference nautical cards designed to withstand the harsh environment of life afloat or the terrors of an RYA night school class. The crisp clear images are printed to a very high standard using ‘light-fast ink’. They are fully encapsulated rather than laminated using a heavy duty plastic and will provide years of sailing use and abuse. A5.

This item can also be purchased as part of the Complete Set of Cockpit Cards.

ISBN 978-1-906594-02-2

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