Chart Symbols and Abbreviations


Chart Symbols and Abbreviations Cockpit Card set.  Consisting of four double-sided encapsulated cards.

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Chart Symbols and Abbreviations Cockpit Card Set.

This is your essential guide to the Chart Symbols and Abbreviations as used on British Admiralty Metric Charts in a handy, compact and user friendly format.

  • Dangers – Rocks & Wrecks.
  • Buoyage. Region A.  Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Beacons.
  • Submarine Cables and Pipelines.
  • Bridges, Obstructions.
  • Depths, Limits, Contours, Soundings.
  • Terms Relating to Tidal Levels.
  • Tidal Streams and Currents.
  • Tide Levels and Charted Data.
  • Lights, Light Characteristics, Leading Lights, Sector Lights.
  • Nature of Seabed, etc.

This set will be invaluable to all who use Admiralty charts.  The heavyweight waterproof encapsulation means they can safely be used on RIBS and other wet craft.

The set consists of four double sided A5 cards of crisp and clear images. Printed using light-fast ink and encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic for cockpit use and abuse. They are conveniently grouped together in one corner so that any sheet may be removed for individual use if required.

Great for cockpit use. Ideal for training and instructional purposes and in use by sailing schools.

This Cockpit Card version of Chart Symbols & Abbreviations used on British Admiralty Metric Charts is one of our most popular sets and is a very handy reference for anyone on-board. Based on the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office NP5011 (previously known as Chart 5011), the american equivalent is U.S. Chart No. 1.

Tough enough for the Royal Marines and Water Police.

This item can also be purchased as part of the Complete Set of Cockpit Cards.

Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-906594-11-4

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Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 17 × 25 × 1 cm

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