Buoyage / Distress Cockpit Card


Your quick reference guide to the Buoyage seen around our shores and the Distress Signals you may interested in if you get it wrong!

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IALA Region A:-  Europe and the Mediterranean

  • Cardinal Marks
  • Lateral Marks
  • Isolated Danger Marks
  • Safe Water Marks
  • Special Marks
  • Preferred Channel Marks
  • Emergency Wreck Marks
  • Light sequences
  • The images show the shapes of the buoys, shape of the topmarks,  the colours and the light characteristics.


This side shows the Distress Signals likely to be be of most relevance to small craft.  Handy if you see any of these signals as you would realise someone is in need of assistance, and handy if you are in trouble and need to signal distress.

  • Fog Horn. Continuous sounding.
  • SOS. By any any method; Sound, Light etc.
  • Flags N over C.
  • Flares
  • Outstretched Arms – Slowly and repeatedly raised and lowered.
  • Square Flag above or below Round Ball
  • EPIRB. Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.
  • Mayday Emergency Procedure

Printed using light-fast ink and encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic for cockpit use and abuse.

This ever popular IALA Buoyage Cockpit Card is great for cockpit use. Keep another in the Grab Bag.
Ideal for training and instructional purposes. Very handy for RYA Day Skipper and RYA Yachtmaster candidates.
Handy reference for anyone on-board.

This product can also be purchased as part of the Complete Set of Cockpit Cards.

ISBN 978-1-906594-00-8

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Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 0.2 cm

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